About Me

“I aim to help every family to work as a team to be happy, healthy and harmonious.”

Hi my names Claire and I know you want the best for your family, but parenting is hard.

Every day challenges and become overwhelmed with day to day battles leaving you frustrated, exhausted and so often lying in bed feeling guilty. I am here to help.

Parents have been asking me for years what my secrets are to get children to cooperate, even during the activities they don’t enjoy (like picking up toys and brushing teeth). Truthfully, there is no magic secret. All children are different but I can help you find the strategies that align with your family’s values, your family’s goals and your family’s perpersonality. I always use the fundamentals of mutual respect, age-appropriate choice and responsibilities along with healthy, consistent boundaries to bring your family together as a team. This is where I know families thrive.

I take great joy in finding creative ways to understand the needs of the whole family, teaching manageable changes at a pace that suits everyone. I pride myself in being a safe space for parents to talk openly and feel listened to and supported to make the best decisions for their family.

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